Your Brand Promise

Recently I needed to take a cab to the airport. So, I Google’d “airport limo” and a number of results came up. I chose one based on first impressions and called. I was told $50 and booked. But after I hung up I noticed the fee map—it stated $45…

Brand promise

The cab arrives and I am on my way to the airport. The fee was now suddenly $55. I wanted to get an explanation for the sliding fee—it was starting to feel like a bad experience. I got a few excuses and an explanation that they were doing me a favour and that I could have chosen a different company. They delivered a bad brand experience.

For brands it’s about the story they tell and the experience they deliver—a brand promise kept or a brand promise broken—from top management all the way to every employee and every touch point. Everyone must understand what the brand stands for, know how to deliver a positive experience and have the tools to do so. Great brands deliver on their promise.