Olympic.ca Gamification

Having successfully designed and developed olympic.ca for the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), Zync has now taken Team Canada fan engagement to a whole new level.

Gamification engagement

We’ve added gamification to the site by launching The Olympic Club—the evolution of fan interaction. The Olympic Club serves as a “digital stadium” for anyone that wants a more connected experience with Team Canada.

We custom developed an integrated gamification platform—complete with achievement badges, notifications, a leaderboard, user statuses, and an activity feed—to drive engagement with Olympic Club members and provide them with a unique and interesting experience. Rewards (in both physical and social currency), status among the network leaderboard, entertaining interactivity, and access to the Team Canada community incentivize participation in activities and social sharing. This results in dramatically increased loyalty and engagement, and drives new fan acquisition and social sharing. Positive behaviour is reinforced, and detailed reporting provides valuable insight into fan metrics. A strong result for the COC and the ongoing effectiveness of olympic.ca!