A unique brand identity and positioning will help you stand out.

Why brand your startup?

Why brand your startup?

In a highly congested market where everyone seems to have a startup, it’s getting tougher to get noticed. Here are some stats to show what you’re getting into:

  • 137,000 small businesses are started every day in an increasingly global economy.
  • There are 2.6 million venture-backed startups in the United States alone.
  • There is a 75-90% failure rate for startups in the first 5 years.
  • 68% of startup founders think they’ll be the one to succeed.

Embracing a lean culture and driving the bottom line is important, but so is establishing a unique and professional image that inspires action. How can your business stand out?

Making an investment in a unique brand is critical for your short and long-term success. Here is what it will do for your startup:

  • It forces you to focus on your intent and messaging—being clear about your value makes you stand out.
  • Establishing a unique identity and personality sets a tone for your stakeholders.
  • People have memories, so you can’t rebrand every year as the company grows—it will eat away at your established engagement.
  • If you buy your templated image online it shows you don’t respect your audience—people want to be part of a brand they love.

If you are preparing to launch a startup, or you are already up and running but were simply too focused on your great idea to worry about your brand, give us a call at 416-322-2865. We can help you create a unique brand identity and positioning to help you stand out and capture your share of the market.

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