#Move the Dial—Branding, report design and social media campaign.

Where’s the dial now?

#MoveTheDial launched “Where’s the Dial Now?”, a first-of-its-kind benchmark report taking a comprehensive look at the current state of women in the Canadian tech & innovation sector.

The brainchild of Jodi Kovitz, #MoveTheDial is a movement pushing for greater female participation and leadership in tech. The report is a critical first step in that mission – providing an eye-opening look at the scale and extent of the problem in Canada. With all this great information, the challenge became how to grab the attention of Canadians and entice them to read and share the report.

To that end, Zync worked with the #MoveTheDial team to build their brand and design a report that was simple to understand and enticing—breaking down the most revealing takeaways into eye-catching, sharable content.

The launch campaign spread like wildfire on social media – adopted as their own by the movement at large. The report was then picked up by news organizations across Canada, from industry publications to the Globe and Mail and National Post.

“Within a very short time, #movethedial has already created meaningful impact for my journey as a female founder building her first tech company.”

Maayan Ziv, Founder & CEO, Access Now

To read the full report, click here.

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