Zync is now Believeco

We’re excited to announce that Zync has joined together with several renowned agencies to become Believeco, one of Canada’s largest independent agencies. This will expand the business we've built on a larger scale, so we can continue to help you with every element of brand and digital, and now offer a wider range of advertising and media.

Brought together by Arlene Dickinson – one of Canada’s most recognized and respected business leaders— Zync joins the other original agencies Venture Play, Revolve and Brightworks as Believeco.

Along with Argyle, one of North America’s most respected engagement, communications and reputation advisory agencies and Castlemain, a leading Indigenous advisory firm, we are collectively Believeco:Partners. Believeco:Partners owns, operates and builds the foremost marketing, communications and engagement agencies in North America. Together, we offer clients the talents of more than 300 marketing and communications professionals across North America.

Together, we’ll help clients navigate the incredible pace of change—providing solutions and a culture that is good for our clients, their customers and stakeholders, our people, and our local, national and global community.

Find out more! believecopartners.com

Brad Breininger & Marko Zonta

Brand Building and the Power of Intent | Zync

Business Creative™ helps solve the issues of today’s organizations.

The best brands are built from the right intent.

The best brands are built from the right intent.

Are you frustrated with how your organization gets things done? Have you ever been part of an initiative that results in a multitude of meetings, where decisions are made, then scrapped—and ultimately nothing ever happens?

It seems many organizations are spinning their wheels when it comes to innovation and managing change. But, many feel that they still need to do something. So they plan. And meet. And discuss. Stuff is happening, but nothing is happening! The truth is, if there is no meaning behind it, all of this action is just killing time. Meaning changes everything. That’s why it’s so important to find the true intent behind everything you do.

Brand like everyone is watching—and start with your best intent.

Let’s talk specifically about branding. Defining who you are as an organization is all about finding your meaning. Sure, you’re in business to make money, but no one is willing to be your brand evangelist just to build your bottom line. They want to know more, they want to see more—and they want to feel more. So “who are you?”, “what are you?” and “why are you?” become the most important questions you’ll need to answer. And, you have to dig deep. It’s not about best practices or proven directions. It’s about finding your unique offering — the elements that make you stand out and drive the passion in your team and your customers. It has to come from your corporate “gut”. It needs to feel like if you aren’t these things it’s time to throw in the towel. The true power of intent is that it becomes the engine that drives your organization forward.

Your role is to build your best image based on strong attributes. The people who interact with you will actually decide what the brand will be—good or bad. How that decision is made is very much based on your intent. People know when a company is truthfully representing who and what they really are—as opposed to creating propaganda and spin. Consumers have never been better educated and transparency is not only valued, it’s required.

But remember, there’s no organization on earth that gets it right every time. Don’t expect perfection—understand that it’s an ongoing process with ebbs and flows, and an opportunity every day to be stronger, better and more in tune with the people who support you and want to be part of the brand. This acceptance leads to authenticity, which is a differentiating factor that can make you stand out in today’s environment. In addition to the brand story—and proof that you are what you say—authenticity is a key factor in building a brand that resonates.

Since your brand is ultimately determined by your customers, clients, members or donors, your intent better be a rally point. It must inspire them. It must motivate them. It must engage them. And it must also do those same things for every stakeholder that touches your company—from employees to investors to the management team.

Our proven process—Business Creative™—is a way of bringing both the left and right brain together to help solve the issues of today’s organizations. It’s where creativity meets logic—bridging the gap between emotional and rational thought and action. Focused on mapping true intent, identifying strong connections and defining a unique stakeholder experience, the process will forever change how you present your organization to the world.

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