Sciteline—Name, brand design, presentations, social and website.

Making a difference in clinical research.

A Toronto-based SaaS start-up developing a game-changing technology for use in clinical research hired Zync to develop their name and brand.

We used our naming process to develop a name that would connect with the science community—their primary target. The use of the word “line” in the name helps to communicate the key benefit of their technology—direct access to clinical research.

The logo further explores the connection between researchers and participants with use of the wifi symbol forming a stylized letter “S”.

sciteline logo

The accompanying tagline “See patients differently” helps to communicate that Sciteline’s SaaS lowers the cost and shortens the time it takes to complete a study by connecting to patients remotely—a game-changing advancement in clinical research.

see patients differently
sciteline video

Sciteline is a Toronto-based SaaS start-up that has game-changing technology for use in clinical research. By connecting remotely to patients, they lower the cost and shorten the time it takes to complete a study.

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