Team Canada’s website—Digital evolution at its finest.

A website designed to perform.

Olympic.ca needed to be games-ready and accomodate unprecedented circumstances.

It was redesigned and built to perform, with a focus on strength, agility, unity, endurance, and heart. With fans and family alike watching the Olympics from their homes this year, Zync was honoured to help move the fan experience forward, from anywhere, anytime. 

Based on a strong foundation

A successful website starts with a strong foundation. Careful consideration was given to selecting the right hosting environment, CMS, site structure and navigation for olympic.ca, all focused on Team Canada’s unique objectives.

Designed for fast and easy publishing

Real-time results, news alerts, long-form stories, videos and images. Using a well-designed back-end Olympic.ca is set up for publishing new content and updates quickly and easily, so fans are always up to date. 

Built for integration and sponsorship

Corporate partnerships play a huge role in the success of Team Canada and its athletes. Olympic.ca is set-up to support unique contract commitments such as cross-promotional ad campaign integration and content sponsorship, uniting common goals. 

Designed to respond and evolve

Whether it’s keeping fans engaged during off-season or being visited by millions during the Olympic games, this website is prepared to overcome any challenge. As the needs of users and business partners evolve, so does the site, without requiring downtime. 

Gamified to drive connections

Olympic.ca lives and breathes national pride. Using content and gamification to make emotional connections, this website is a one-stop-shop to bring Team Canada and their fans together. 

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