Hangar 9—Brand strategy, design, retail materials and window display.

A classic emblem for a sophisticated image.

Zync developed the name Hangar 9 based on the client’s philosophy—the right nine wardrobe items can provide a complete wardrobe for the modern woman. The new fashion brand is a mix of classical style and contemporary form—which appeals to Hangar 9’s sophisticated clientele.

Hangar 9 business cards

Having designed the identity for Hangar 9, Zync applied the new modern brand across all business, marketing, and retail materials. The brand works well in simple graphic applications on retail items like bags and tissue paper, or combined with photography and illustration in advertising and window displays.

“They provided a “fresh suit” for our business and used an unparalleled creative approach to capture the fundamentals of our business.”

Rachael Fisher, Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Expert

Hangar 9 storefront

Hangar 9 is a luxury fashion retailer with locations in Toronto and London, Ontario. The retailer specializes in personal shopping services, closet editing and styling events for the modern woman.

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