Customers want to be courted not chased

A recent article from Entrepreneur brought the social media debate back to life. People are not receptive to being “sold to” via social channels (—unless perhaps on Pinterest, but that is not a social medium mentioned in this article).

The main draw from this article is that it re-iterates that acquisition of customers is still more common via search (16%) and email (6%) than via Facebook & Twitter (1-2% each).

With under-25s mostly on Instagram & Facebook, and over-45s mostly on Facebook and YouTube, we can still maintain the insight that people love photos and videos.

We have to keep using social in a way that invites people into our world, shares behind-the-scenes photos, designs quotes and thoughts in a way that is visually appealing but also shows leadership, asks them true or false and fill in the blank questions, promotes contests and generally gets them involved in something fun.

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