Hicks Morley

Hicks Morley is a leading Canadian law firm devoted to human resources law and advocacy. They provide strategic advice and solutions to public and private sector clients.

Brand Strategy and Identity

In an effort to build stronger brand and awareness, we shortened the firm’s name and added the tagline “Human Resources Law and Advocacy.” This takes advantage of Hicks Morley’s unique practice and strengthens its position as a leading human resources law firm. The new image is professional, yet approachable.

Hicks Morley, Logo and tagline, created by Zync


Legal matters can be confusing and difficult to understand.  A website should be neither of these things.  Zync developed a mobile-friendly, search engine optimized website that focuses on individual lawyers and expertise and showcases a range of legal publications focused on delivering value to a specialized audience.

Marketing Campaign – “Advantage”

Hicks Morley wanted to build a unique presence for its highly specialized conferences. We created an extension of the Hicks Morley brand called “Advantage,” providing the tools they need to promote professional development through conferences and extend their brand presence.

Hicks Morley, Advantage marketing campaign postcard 1, created by Zync

The “Advantage” sub-brand enables Hicks Morley to build a presence beyond its core practice.

Hicks Morley, Advantage marketing campaign postcard 2, created by Zync