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Fight Against Cancer Innovation Trust (FACIT)

Fight Against Cancer Innovation Trust (FACIT) is the gateway to the cancer research pipeline in Ontario. It brings together scientists, partner institutions, investors, and industries to accelerate the commercialization of oncology innovations.

Corporate Identity and Standards

Zync captured FACIT’s purpose of fundraising for cancer research in a simple, professional wordmark logo. We paired this with the tagline “Cancer breakthroughs. Realized.”, which speaks to how with all of the incredible research being done, FACIT is an organization that brings the latest advancements to market.

Corporate Branding Start-up
Start-up Branding Logo Brand Design

The feedback and reaction to Zync’s work has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jeff Courtney, Chief Commercial Officer, FACIT


Zync worked with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research to develop the brand and website for its new commercialization arm, called FACIT. The mobile-friendly website, facit.ca was designed as a destination where scientists, partner institutions, and investors can find information and updates about funding and investment opportunities coming to the cancer research pipeline in Ontario.

Fight Against Cancer Innovation Trust (FACIT) Responsive Web Design Example 1

Performance Dashboard

By developing a dashboard for FACIT’s internal use, Zync enabled the organization’s team to monitor, measure, and analyze key activities and processes as they happen.

Fight Against Cancer Innovation Trust (FACIT), Performance dashboard