Canadian Olympic Committee

The COC leads the achievement of Team Canada’s podium success and advances Olympic values in Canada.

Rio 2016 Team Canada Media Guide App

Understanding that journalists covering the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are being evaluated on their quality of real-time storytelling. The Team Canada Media Guide Mobile App delivers immediate access to robust, accurate and official information about Canadian athletes, sports and venues in a convenient, reliable and intuitive way.

Canadian Olympic Committee Rio 2016 Team Canada Media Guide Mobile App


The latest iteration of for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games was designed for an optimal mobile experience and stronger engagement. Our goal was to give fans even better access to trending athletes and sports, in-depth profiles, timely news and unique content. Their experience is enhanced even further by joining the Canadian Olympic Club, giving them exclusive access to unique content and contests.

Website design for Canadian Olympic Committee

Since the last Olympic games there has been a 70% increase in mobile consumption and a dramatic rise in social referrals (meaning death to the homepage.)

Annual Report

Zync worked with the Canadian Olympic Committee to create their first ever digital annual report. The responsive design incorporated animation and parallax scroll tell the story of sport in a fresh and engaging way.

Digital Annual Report Design

On behalf of the COC, our newly redesigned and reformatted annual report was created brilliantly.

Derek Kent, Chief Marketing Officer, Canadian Olympic Committee

Olympic Club Gamification

Expanding on the responsive website we built for the COC, Zync created The Canadian Olympic Club—a gamification platform that engages fans between Olympic games and builds loyalty by providing them with exclusive access to content and contests.