Bridgepoint Active Healthcare

Bridgepoint is a global leader in treating adults living with multiple health conditions. Their “active healthcare” approach focuses on customized care plans to help patients get back to their everyday lives.

Brand Strategy, Naming and Identity

The new visual identity and “active healthcare” tagline place Bridgepoint firmly at the forefront of healthcare reform. The strategic approach embodies a methodology focused on patients, doctors, families, and the community all taking an active role in helping people return to their normal lives after dealing with multiple health issues.

Naming and Logo Design Brand Strategy

Fundraising Campaign – “Making Lives Better”

Zync developed a fundraising advertising campaign to build on Bridgepoint’s new brand positioning. Strengthening their ability to reach financial goals. The campaign creative focused on telling patients’ real life stories to demonstrate the value in the hospital’s people-centred approach to complex care.

Complete Advertising Campaign