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Aviva Canada

Aviva is one of Canada’s leading insurance providers, with more than 3,000 employees in over 25 locations, serving 1,700 brokers and 3 million customers.

Digital Media Buy

In an effort to increase submissions to the Aviva Community Fund, Zync supported in managing a digital media campaign to help reach desired audiences. The campaign connected deeply with users, which resulted in an increased response rate.

Programmatic Media Buy for Digital

Product Launch Campaign

Zync created a campaign titled “Water is beautiful. Until it isn’t.” The creative work illustrates the duality of both, the potential beauty and devastation of water—and was implemented across multiple channels including web, advertising, and corporate materials.

Campaign design

All campaign materials lead to a beautiful parallax microsite.

Campaign Microsite

To promote “Overland Water Protection” product, we designed and developed a parallax microsite avivawaterprotection.ca—which was perfect for demonstrating rising water. The site explains the product in a story format, ensuring the reader isn’t overwhelmed with technical details.

Optimized Landing Pages

Quick Tip Videos

Aviva had an opportunity to help people protect their home from water damage. To achieve that goal, Zync created a series of motion graphics videos that can be used by anyone to assess potential risks and protect their home.

Video done for Aviva Canada