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We love a good question. Ask us anything about branding, digital or video and one of our professionals will get back to you.

Here are some of the questions we have answered

  • How can employer branding reach the new generation?

    Employers need to be focused on sharing what’s important to the people they’re looking to hire. It can’t be about the usual “career opportunities, benefits and strong corporate culture”. Now, candidates want to know about things like environmental policies, work/life approach and digital strategy. If an employer brand isn’t iterating to fit current expectations, they’ll be kicked out of the talent pool!

  • How do I develop a good brand name and logo?

    A good brand goes beyond just the name and logo, so the best option is to hire a professional. They will work with you to make sure the new name and brand captures your business focus and values, and align your new image with the right market opportunities. A solid professional process will take you from strategy and creative, to the internal and external brand rollout.

  • How do I get my brand out there?

    Online, social media, advertising, testimonials, industry events, client presentations, prospecting, networking, sponsoring – and the list goes on. Scream from the proverbial rooftops wherever and whenever you can – and build a team of brand ambassadors that will do the same.

  • How important is social media to branding?

    Social media is an accessible, inexpensive opportunity for you to connect with a wide range of people. Just make sure you’re offering valuable content or an exclusive offer to encourage sharing – so you reach farther and cut through the noise. The opportunity is as many eyeballs as possible.

  • How do I launch my brand?

    There are a ton of things you can do to launch – but just make sure you have enough time, enough money and the right partners. You’ll need collateral and a great website, but also look at doing a customer event, digital ads powered by search, an internal brand rally or brand merch to share with your tribe.

  • How do we get employees to live the brand?

    First, make sure they believe in it – and are committed to delivering your brand promise. Then, make sure they have the tools and support they’ll need. No great brand is built from messed up systems or a disengaged front line – listening, communicating and training are key.

  • Do I need a tagline?

    Just do it.

  • What’s the difference between a corporate identity and a brand?

    At a very high level, a brand tells a story and a corporate identity provides structure.

    A corporate identity is a set of elements with clear guidelines on use. These elements include logos, typography, colour palettes, image style, tone of voice and other definable assets. All these tools must work together seamlessly, as well as individually, to be successful.

    Where as, a brand captures business goals, core values and messaging to define who you are and connect with your audience.

    Together they create a collection of visuals, messages and actions that define your organization.

  • Can we update our brand but keep our logo?

    Yes, most major brands continuously refine and update their image without ever touching their logo. Having said that, you should take a closer look to make sure your logo fits with what you are trying to do with your overall brand. Some are simple enough that they can be incorporated into an updated visual language, but if the logo feels tired, is overly complicated or it doesn’t work well in digital applications, it may be good to give it a facelift.

  • How can I appeal to younger generations but at the same time maintain loyal older customers (cosmetics industry)?

    Instead of younger vs. older, use your brand personality to determine the direction. Do you want to be seen as adventurous or glamorous? Accessible or exclusive? Avant-garde or conservative? By focusing on the best way to present yourself, you’ll find the right audience — at any age. And, they’ll find you.

  • How can one become a brand ambassador?

    If you’re a customer of the brand and you love it, tell your friends, family and anyone that will listen. Also, look for opportunities to interact with and promote those brands online, especially in social media — many will reward you for very strong loyalty! If you’re an employee of a brand, deliver what your brand stands for every time you interact with a customer or your fellow employees. The mark of a great brand is great people!

  • Should we design for mobile if our analytics show that the website isn't viewed on mobile devices?​

    Yes, you should always be mindful of your mobile design and its users, as mobile is becoming the first touch point for information. You should first ensure that you are not receiving false analytics readings. This could be due to people bouncing off your mobile site or not going to it entirely because it doesn’t work. Also, take a closer look at your audience and how they consume your content. Are they sitting at their desk, are they on the go, do they have fast internet connection, etc. Focusing on the end user will help you come up with the best approach to improve your mobile site moving forward.

  • What makes a brand a "heritage" brand?

    Heritage brands are built on experience, like Hudson’s Bay and IBM. But, it’s not just about how old you are, it’s about how relevant you remain. Brands can never stop innovating — HB now owns Saks, and IBM’s Watson is driving AI. Look what happened to Kodak and Eaton’s — both powerhouse heritage brands at one time, but they just got old and irrelevant.